Online MAT Curriculum



  • Sequence courses (Patristics 1 and 2; Sources 1 and 2; Spirituality 1 and 2) offered discreetly—that is, can take 2 without having already taken 1.
  • Electives/cycles will be determined by in-house offerings in order not to conflict
  • All classes MUST have a minimum of 5 registrants at least three weeks prior to the beginning of classes or they will be cancelled and registrants will be given the option of moving into a more viable class.



Electives and Directed Independent Study

Elective courses are regularly offered to allow professors and students to explore particular questions in detail or to approach issues and fields not covered in the core curriculum. Academic progress normally does not allow MDiv students to enroll in electives until their third or fourth years.

Students in all degree programs may elect to pursue an area of particular interest as a Directed Independent Study (DIS). All DIS courses must be approved by the Academic Dean upon presentation of a written description of the area and goals of the investigation, together with a bibliography. The course may be directed by a core or adjunct member of the academic faculty or, extraordinarily, by another qualified professional who must be approved by the Academic Dean. A DIS may be designed for 1, 2 or 3 credit hours. Evaluation of the work by the director should normally be based on one or more papers, projects or examinations. A student may take only two DIS courses per degree program.

Transfer Credits

For the MDiv/MAT programs, the Seminary will accept 15 credits, including those successfully earned from Byzantine Online, as transferable. Only academic credits from an accredited Masters program will be considered for transfer. Credits earned in the last six years prior to application are eligible for transfer.

In addition, through the Byzantine Catholic Seminary’s membership in the Washington Theological Consortium, students can also take approved online classes to help round out courses that might be needed to finish their degree program.  Current offerings are updated each semester and can be found at:

Applicants who have already achieved a Master’s Degree cannot use credits from the previous program towards a second Master’s Degree at BCS. BCS will only consider transferring credits which were not used towards the awarding of a degree. Formal application for consideration of transfer credits is made to the Director of Byzantine Online.

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