Course Descriptions


Summer 2017 Course Descriptions


CERTIFICATE COURSES (Starting June 12, 2017)


The Seven Ages of the Kingdom: Salvation History and the Bible (Fr. Deacon Daniel Dozier, Word of Life Institute)

This post-baccalaureate course explores the main elements of the Bible’s great story of the Kingdom of God from Genesis to Revelation, most especially in light of the Byzantine Christian theological and liturgical tradition. Using the catechetical framework of the Seven Ages of the Kingdom, students will learn the pivotal stories and central themes of the Bible’s grand narrative of salvation history from the ages of Creation, Patriarchs, Exodus, Empire, Exile, Messiah, and Church.  Register Now


History of the Eastern Churches in America (Joel Brady, PhD)

In this course, we will explore the history of the Eastern Churches—Eastern Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Assyrian—in the Americas, with a particular focus on the United States. Themes include missions and colonialism, parish and diocesan formation, migrant transnationalism between migrant communities and “Old Country” parishes and church hierarchies, internal ethnoreligious conflicts, Eastern Churches elsewhere in the Americas (Canada, South and Central Americas), and ethnicization and Americanization. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the various Eastern Catholic Churches, especially those affected by ethnic tensions between Ukrainians, Carpatho-Rusyns, and Russians, and the so-called “Back-to-Orthodoxy-Movements.”  Register Now


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