Tuition and Financial Info

 Affordable Online Courses

Byzantine Catholic Seminary has made earning the Certificate in Eastern Christian Studies not only convenient but also extremely affordable.

Although financial aid is not available at this time, BCS works with our future students to customize a tuition plan that fits the needs of individual and/or group applicants.


Credit course tuition: $410 per credit / $310 per credit to audit

Certificate course tuition: $500 per class for certificate / $350 per class to audit *

Enrollment: More info**
(Tuition Discounts apply)

*Anyone not seeking a Certificate may audit any course for personal enrichment.
**Special rates, discounts and other arrangements for group study are available.
For more details, please send us a request for information.

Payment Method

BCS will accept tuition payments for Certificate or Auditing courses, as well as Group Enrollment through PayPal (personal account optional; you can also make a PayPal payment using your own credit card).

Select Courses and Make a Payment


PayPal Payment

To submit your payment for course tuition or other fees, follow PayPal’s three easy steps:

  1. Go to PayPal
  2. Choose a method of payment
  3. Submit Payment

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